How teenagers are restoring Faith In Humanity.

We’re in Germany with our kids and grandkids.

The other day our grandsons and their dad discovered a tree house not far from where they live.  It had rotted steps up the trunk of the tree and looked long-unused.  They decided they’d like to make it usable.  (It’s in the forest, public land.)  While they were there, a 19-year old kid came by and told them he and some friends had built it when he was about 15.  But the neighbors had complained and called the police and even though it was public land, they were told they were a nuisance and had to “cease and desist”.

So, given teenage ingenuity and defiance and determination, they went to another forest, found the perfect location/tree, went to the city and BOUGHT the tree (1500Euro / 6 kids).  Then they set about building another tree house.  This one is 5 stories, about 60′ high.   They fenced what they bought, but invite anyone to come and use it.  (For awhile a neighbor had put up a “get lost” sign to which the new owners tacked their city permit and put up an impolite response.  All that is now gone.) While this kid, Marcus, was with the boys, he invited them to this new place.  It turns out that my son in law is the oldest person (45) to ever have been up it and my grandson (8) is the youngest.  They hold the record!

In the meantime, Marcus, builder of both houses, bequeathed the 1st, now-abandoned house to the boys to do with what they want.

They took Fred and me to it not only to show it to us, but to leave a 6 pack of Coke for Marcus as a Thank You for being so gracious and allowing them to experience his work.  Our grandson wrote a note and left it with the Coke in the tree house.

We've been welcomed to come up anytime

Transporting the Coke, 2 bottles at a time

You can check them out @ because being teenage builders, they have to have their own website.

They made it all the way to the top.

Today they went back to “their” (the original) tree house to work on repairing the steps so they could climb up.  It was no easy feat as they didn’t have the proper, long enough, nails to do a really good job.  But they got enough boards afixed to the tree to climb up for their 1st look at their new possession.  When they got there, they found a note:  “Thank you for the drinks.  This is for you.”  And there lay a pile of (proper) nails!

How many adults would have reacted, from beginning to end, as these teenagers did?  The IS hope for humanity!

View from our balcony. Church in rainbow.


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  1. You have to love this. Using ingenuity and working WITHIN the law to get what you want Is wonderful AND then sharing w/others. There are many like this boy out there–we are more likely to learn about the other grumpy, lawless, selfish ones.


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