First try at a blog—arriving in Switzerland

In lieu of a newsletter, I’m trying a blog.  If I can master this, we’ll post what we’re experiencing on our trip to Switzerland, France and Germany, the experiences, the sights, the food and the wines, for you to enjoy or ignore as you wish.

Please, please, feel free to comment on anything and especially add your own experiences and comments about your thoughts or travel and/or wine experiences.

We have been in Switzerland a couple of days and the weather has been absolutely PERFECT – meaning we can sit in the sun in shorts but not feel hot. Got caught in a thunder shower eating outdoors one night–it came on as fast as in the movies. A first for us.

Went to the outdoor market right across the boarder in France on Sunday. This is the same market that a few years ago we were walking around and Fred passed a woman with a red Trader Joe’s shopping bag. Wonder how many other West Coasters are wandering around that local farmers market. This town is in the suburbs of Geneva so there are more foreigners than natives and many, many of them are Americans working in Geneva. So, not that amazing, but still……Trader Joe’s?  (For those of you not living on the west coast of America, Trader Joe’s is a small, employee-owned grocer chain that has such a devoted following that I’ve met people who actually wouldn’t move somewhere where they didn’t have access to it.)  Fred was dying to have oysters and Champagne at a stall there, but we opted to bring some home for an appetizer instead.

The wines have been amazing and at the market we discovered a Beaujolais Blanc that I wish we’d bought a case of. We’re going to try and get to their place and stock up if/when we go through Burgundy next month.

For those of you who don’t know, we are in Switzerland for a month in a town next to Neuchatel, in the French region. We’re staying in a house right on the Lake of Neuchatel. We’ll be exploring the food and wine of the region. We’ve already started by going to a one-man-run Italian restaurant, La Forchetta, in the tiny town of La Neuveville. We were thinking, “Yeah, Right”. Well….the food in this 10-seat place was DEVINE. Some of the best Italian food I’ve had. The owner, who is the greeter, the chef and the server, was an architect who decided to follow his passion. Wonder if he was a good as designing buildings as he is at designing meals. There was a menu, but he’ll create anything you want using any of the ingredients on the menu. This is a place we’ll remember a long, long time.


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  1. Julie FitzWater

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Would love to do house sitting sometime. Being in one are to explore for a month sounds right up our alley. Maybe next year.

  2. Sorry I didn’t get home before you left. It sounds like a great trip so far. I’ve added you to my RSS feed. Enjoy Europe.

  3. katherine underwood

    This is pretty easy…kay

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